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We also have an email addy, but I warn you that, while we do read all the mail we receive, we're actually quite horrible at replying. So mail at your own risk!!

nosesoptional (at) comcast (dot) net

Just remember to change the (at) and (dot) to their appropriate symbols. Had to put it up this way to prevent spam. Goddamned spammers. >_<

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Links to the various con photo pages:
Pittsburgh Comicon '05
Pittsburgh Comicon '06

Still need more of us? Well here's Kristy's livejournal, Kristy's deviantArt site, and Sara-Fred's Drop Box (Fred's sketch dump)! These will be filled with random bits of our days and usually characters of ours, scanned from our sketchbooks when we were bored. It was stuff like this that originally spawned the idea of doing Noses Optional.

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And for your viewing pleasure, we present other webcomics worthy of wasting your life on. Why not? We do. (be warned that some of these rarely update but are still worth checking out the archives) Presented in alphabetic order so we don't have to try and figure out which ones we like more. ^^

Con buddies:
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