Pittsburgh Comicon 2006

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Welcome to the con! Look how much Fred's hair has grown since last year. And how much Kristy's has shrunk!


This year we got a decent button maker. It made Kristy very happy indeed. We pawned off a bunch of prints. This year pirate Sadirra and ZJ were the ones in high demand.


On our downtime, we played Four Swords. Apparently we were too popular to finish the game. XD A bunch of people hung out with us for a while and chatted and had us sketch random things for them. It was super awesome.


We raffled off some posters. Oddly enough, the winners were the Kilt Guys from last year and Redtail (yes, Redtail from the forums) who had come to the con to hang out with us at the booth.


We were next to the StarWars booth so at any given point in time, there was a stormtrooper or a jedi somewhere off to the side of our table. Check out the cute Fett family!


Daniel Logan (actor who played young Boba Fett in the prequel trilogy) was sword fighting with some little kids all weekend. It was fucking adorable. (picture from Redtail 'cause Kristy's came out too dark) Also, videos! Boba Fett fighting the little boy dressed as Superman and Boba Fett attempting to fly in the boy's cape We tried to get Ray Park to have a cookie, but he said he was on a diet. Apparently, our cookies are too good for a sith lord. Boba Fett had one... after he was told they were made with love. ^^


We got into a doodle war with these guys.


Started as B. Wilkison drew Fred and Redtail while Kristy was walking around spending money on comics. Kristy came back and whined about not getting a sketch. Redtail looks like a hot biker chick!


So then he drew Kristy (the shirt said "Captain Happy Face Bag is Defiant and Follows the Rules" btw ^^) and Kristy was happy. However, she became aware that he hadn't drawn any of them with arms.


So Kristy drew this.


And he drew this.


Then Kristy drew this. And he decided that Kristy had won. ^_~


Probably one of the strangest things that happened was running into David aka Nailpolish Boy from The Partners in Crime Fred and Redtail hadn't heard from him in years and, just after Redtail had drawn that picture, they accdeintally bumped into him at the con. Apparently he'd moved to Pittsburgh had had happend to wander into the convention. Small world, n'est pas?


We made friends with James (In His Likeness) and Bill (Silver Rage) and forced everyone to have cookies!


Okay, seriously those two were stalking us. We ran into them everywhere. Even in the mall next to the convention center where we ate dinner.


The mall had a Mr. Rogers' play area.


Hehe.. Flamers' hot dogs. XP


The elevator was evil and kept trying to eat people as they boarded and departed.


So we took the evil elevator to the Resident Evil floor.






There was a room with blacked out windows.


And a door with no handle!


Scary! Woooooooo-oooooo-oooooo.....


On the drive, we saw this vehicle with motorcycle placed neatly in the back window and accompanying plate. Somebody's trying to compensate for something.... ^_~


On the way back, we decided to stop at South of the Border, a tourist trap on the border of North and South Carolina.


We expected it to be a load of crap.


But not as much as it was. I mean, look. There's only like one other person there besides us.


All the buildings were closed (even though the signs said they weren't). They wouldn't let Kristy into the candy store. Not to mention none of the rides were running.


So we put on viking hats, played a round of air hockey, and continued home.


A panorama of what you could see from our booth can be found here. You'll have to click the link 'cause the picture's too big to fit in this box. It's all fun and labeled though.




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