Pittsburgh Comicon 2005

(( Give it a sec to load if you've got a slow connection. If you have any photos of us, please mail them to nosesoptional (at) comcast (dot) net ))


Here we are at the con acting "normal". Sadly this is the only shot we have of us at our booth and we didn't even take this picture.


The con staff gave us free food. It made us happy.


Fred's mom gave us fish shaped sprinkles as part of a running joke that we must have gills since there's no noses. We ate them on a peice of cake and took this picture just for her.


These guys were cool, not only because they bought pins and gave us necklace charms and chatted with us for a while, but also because they were wearing kilts.


A picture they sent us as ours came out blurry.


Supporters of costumes and webcomics. We salute you.
(( Butch from Chopping Block and Pantsman from VG Cats ))


These poor guys couldn't get down the row 'cause everyone kept snapping their picture. Man, half the pictures came out blurry... the lighting in that room sucked ass.


Eikiji was indeed very popular with the con-goers. We ran out of her bookmark/business card thingies first. Here's a sketch we did for someone. Eikiji likes video games (and made Kristy play her Gameboy directly after finishing the sketch).


The elevator leading to the Resident Evil floor. It was the only one with two sets of doors... and there's just something eerie about that sign in the red light.


Caution: This door did open. (also.. that's our buddy Travis ^_^)


On the RE floor. Told you it was creepy.


Still sneaking around. Past this hallway was a room full of pipes and wires, but we heard footsteps and decided it was time to leave.


On the subject of strange things we found in the con hotel, try and explain this sign. We wanted so bad to know what went on during those two minutes, but we forgot to go back and check.


Which brings us to Card Toss. Here's Fred below on the first floor trying to toss the card back up to us.


And a shot up from the floor when it was Kristy's turn to fetch the card. (our other buddy Dennis on the left there ^_^)


The first official Card Toss teams! The two on the left are Dave and Matt from the con staff who were awesome enough to play along with us.


A picture Matt sent us. BATTLE POSES!


That security guard didn't know what he was missing out on. Also some 5 second videos from Matt (right click save as): Travis tossing the card back to the second floor and Fred missing the chandelier terribly ^_^


The official card and also a hotel room key Dave and Matt swiped as a souvenir for us. Super awesome! XD


It snowed on the drive back home. Snow. At the end of April. WTF weather?!?!


(( Kristy would have taken more pics, but she just bought her camera and doesn't have a memory card for it yet. XP ))


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