Us by Garrett Our first fanart, back in the days when the comic was still mostly in class and not entirely online, by Garrett (who was in our senior project class and the poor victim of Fred in the Band-Aid comic. You can visit his webpage here. BAnnAH! ^_^

The Fourth Magic Pants Angel by Rhi The Fourth Magic Pants Angel by Rhi - The first peice of us by a fan we don't know in person. We were really amused by this. ^_^

Partners in Crime by Redtail Partners in Crime by Redtail - Before there was the Magic Pants Angels, Fred belonged to this notorious group with her friend Redtail

Soaked by Amanda and Jodi Soaked by Amanda and Jodi - A coworker of Kristy's (Amanda, the blonde here ) and her friend sent in their rendition of the Jesus Prayer Rug after receiving one of their own

PittCon Report by Redtail PittCon Report by Redtail - Red sends in another. Her recap of the '06 Pittsburgh Comicon.

Cookie by Words of Something Cookie by Carolyn of Words of Something Another one from PittCon though technically it's more of a guest appearance than fanart. We were bribing people with cookies again. ^_^

Noseless by Nziz Noseless by Nziz - More forum folk fanart! Wheee!

Kristy and Sara-Fred by Carol Kristy and Sara-Fred by Carol - Another of Kristy's coworkers (seen here and here as Parn and also driving here) tries her hand at a rendition of the duo

The Passion by Synth The Passion by Synth - ZJ apparently got his own movie.

Banner by Aria Banner by Aria - A pixel art banner. Nice work on the text. She did it by by hand (we use a font ^_^;)

Subconsciouses by Josh Subconsciouses by Josh of Angst is a Five Letter Word - And it's probably true.

3D Art by Badspyro 3D Art by Badspyro - My head got used as a test subject for the realm of 3D. ^^

Flowers by Mark Flowers by Mark of Abducting the Aliens - We don't need no noses!


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