Space Ninjas Store Space Ninjas - Once we were space ninja commanders in an intergalactic war! It's true!

W00taga Store W00taga - The origins of everyone's favorite nerd word.

W.W.Z.J.D.? Store W.W.Z.J.D.? - Zombie Jesus. ZJ. The unofficial mascot of Noses Optional. (how did that even happen?) In matters of daily life, what would he do?

Fear My Heaving Bosom Store Fear My Heaving Bosom! - Especially for the ladies! /provoke <your friends>!

Erect-o-Plasm Store Erect-o-Plasm - And now one for the mens. The dirty old mens, to be precise. Good work, old chap.

Captain Happy Face Bag Store Captain Happy Face Bag - Now you too can be defiant and follow the rules! (Note: the text had to be changed because Walmart is copyrighted, but I figured Happy Face Bag sounded retarded enought that I probably would have said it ^^)


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