Eff-Ey-Kyooz! (yeah.. that's FAQs... shut it >_<)

What the hell?

Kristy: Yeah... we're not really sure either.

Okay... what's up with the comic name?

Kristy: An excellent question. Ya see, I used to draw noses on my characters. Then slowly, over a few years, the noses got smaller and smaller until I noticed one day that I acutally didn't even bother drawing them anymore. The only time I draw noses now, I have to add them intentionally. So it became a stylistic thing. Thus, noses optional.

So who are you weirdos?

Fred: We're roommates with pathetic social lives.

[update]Kristy: Fred moved out to live with her boyfriend so we're no longer roommies. Don't worry. It won't affect the comic much. ^^[/ update]

Kristy: Ah yes. If you're looking for it, you can reach us by email (found on the links page) or try the forum. And we're quite aware that the whole roommate/geek/gamer thing has been done a gazillion times, but we don't really give a crap. We're easily amused.

Do you take commissions?

Kristy: Yes, we are now taking commissions. Here are the price guidelines:

Prints & Sketches

head shot / waist up pencil .......... $5 (per character)
legs up / full figure pencil .......... $10 (per character)

b&w / monochromatic color .......... +$5 (per character)
full color .......... +$10 (per character)
(inked or tight pencils - includes white or solid color background)

simple background .......... +$5 - $15 (range from simple designs to sketchy bg)
detailed background .......... +$15 - $25 (range from clean to detailed bg)
(anything more intensive will be based on level of detail)

All commissions will be done in person or emailed (high res) at a later date. If you would like a print mailed to you, add $10 for printing and shipping.

Forum avatar icons .......... $10
For anything else, the price is up for discussion.
Let us know what you want and we'll work something out.

For characters: appearance, personality, body language, facial expressions
For backgrounds: description of surroundings, weather, props
Be as descriptive as you want or leave it all up to us! ^_~
Reference, if possible, is greatly appreciated.

Commissions will be finished in the order they were received so depending on how busy we are, you could be waiting a little while. Please specifiy which artist you want working on it (Kristy or Fred). If you really must have us both work on it, it'll take longer as we'd have to find time to do it (you probably have a better shot at just getting something smaller from each of us). XD (btw, email's on the links page)

Uh.. Sara? Fred? Who's that boy with the glasses?

Fred: Yes! I have accomplished my life long goal of looking like a guy!

Kristy: Her name is Sara. Her nickname is Fred (long story) and we usually refer to her as Sara-Fred so that people who don't know her don't think we're talking about two seperate people. She may have short hair and practically no boobs, but she is in fact a GIRL.

How do you make your comic?

Kristy: We actually get asked this a lot, seeing as how teams usually have one writer and one artist and here we've got two artists.

Fred: First we think up an idea and laugh at our own stupidity. Kristy will turn it into script form with thumbnails. I rough out the comic, Kristy cleans it up and does the facial expressions. Then I ink it, Kristy colors it in Photoshop and adds the text, and onto the web it goes. Kinda the way it's explained in that first contract comic.

Kristy: But sadly our professor still asked us three times after we handed that in. (We still love you, Bob!) It's kinda an involved process and we may or may not be dumb for doing it, but it works for us. We kinda like the little bastard child of our two art styles. ^_^

[update] Kristy: As life would have it, the both of us are too busy now to do the comic the way we'd been doing it. So for the time being, Fred does all of the comic on her own one week, and I do it the next. We're going to try keeping the comic updated in this alternating weeks schedule. It's better than just letting it sit here 'cause we don't see each other long enough to draw. >_< [/ update]

Are you going to continue the comic after you graduate?

Kristy: We graduated. Comic's still kickin'.

Are you anything like your comic counterparts in real life?

Kristy: Practically the entire comic is word-for-word or heavily based in reality. It's just our reality is sometimes.. odd. So, yes. Yes we are.

Is Kristy's hair really that color? Does she actually answer the phone with "moo cow"? Does she really do that when she plays video games? Did she actually run around Walmart with a plastic bag cape?

Kristy: Yes. A thousand times, yes.


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